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Wolf Trophic Cascade Scarf

Wolf Trophic Cascade Scarf

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The luxurious scarf features beautiful illustrations of the wolf trophic cascade, where the reintroduction of wolves into an ecosystem caused a ripple effect that literally transformed the landscape! The presence of the wolves led to a decrease in elk populations, which in turn allowed vegetation to flourish. As a result, the banks of rivers became more stable, and the rivers themselves shifted course and many songbirds returned. The intricate illustrations on this scarf capture the essence of this phenomenon, with wolves, elk, bison, birds, and lush vegetation depicted in stunning detail. The color palette is rich and earthy, with shades of brown, and gray, and blue, reflecting the natural hues of the landscape.

  • Lightweight fabric
  • Single sided printing
  • Hemmed by professionals
  • Handmade to order

Wash at 86°F

  • Wash At 86°F
  • Low Heat
  • Tumble
  • Do Not Wring

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