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Blue-billed Curassow Paper Lunch Bag

Blue-billed Curassow Paper Lunch Bag

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Made with FSC® certified 100% eco paper material, this personalized paper bag is the perfect accessory for any eco-conscious customer. Featuring a full-print cover decorated with illustrations of the blue-billed curassow, which are black with white feathers on its rear underbelly and at the tip of its tail. Scientifically known as the Crax alberti, this bird is an endangered species. Today, the entire wild population occurs in just a few small remnant areas of tropical lowland forest. Also depicted are a variety of fruits from Columbia, South America. It is constructed with a zipper closure, and a carrying strap. The only caveat, we are not sure it would contain a large liquid spill inside, so you might not want to pack a bowl of soup that is not sealed well.

.: One size: 10" × 7" x 4" (25.5cm x 18.5cm x 10.5cm)
.: FSC® certified 100% eco paper material
.: Grey base with white customisable area
.: Zipper closure and a carrying strap
.: Full print cover

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