Dark cats with glowing eyes on a blue background.

Troublesome Rat vs Wise Old Cat (Neko no Myojutsu)

I've been thinking a lot about the circle of life and challenges that arise along the way. There is a story I read long ago about a rat that was plaguing the home of an accomplished swordsman. All the cats of the village could do nothing to rid his home of this rat (neither could he, even though he slashed his sword with precision). Finally an old cat walked in, and seized the rat that could not be conquered by even the toughest cat (or the swordsman!), by the scruff of its neck.

If we could approach the problems of the world as the old cat...

From a collection of essays titled Inaka Soshi (“The Country Taoist”), written in 1727 by Issai Chozan#parable #martialartwisdom #accomplishment #problemsolving
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