Numerous blue, glowing, bioluminescent creatures swim across a dark ocean background. Tomopteris, jellyfish and dragonfish.

The Ocean Glows

What greater joy is there to see creatures that make their own light.

I once did a night dive in Baja California. I am eternally grateful for the crew of the boat who helped erase any fears of being in the water at night through their coaching and obvious love of the sea. When we were towed back to the boat, I watched my arms activate thousands of glowing creatures in the night water. It was as if a starry sky was visiting the sea.

In the open ocean, about 80% of all animals are bioluminescent, and these animals can live anywhere from the surface down to 4,000 meters deep. Making light is an effective way to communicate (think morse code), attract prey, or escape predators in the darkness of the oceans.

Happy New Year! May the year be bright and inspired.

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