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Posh Tide Launching!

Posh Tide Is a Passion project.

For years I've been fascinated by the oceans and seas. Whenever I have time, I sketch them, study them, follow scientists on social media, look at remote operated submarine feeds online and see what divers are taking pictures of. There is so much out there! And so much yet to discover and learn.

I want to share with you the pattern of fish with whales. As I illustrated this pattern, I learned about the sperm whales. They live in communities, raise their young together with culture, language and social skills. I can only imagine what they know about the oceans as they dive to depths of over 3,000 feet & hold their breath for up to 90 minutes.

My mission is to share my joy and awe which is fueled by the ocean and seas and the creatures that live there. Hopefully my illustrations and designs on these products will spark your curiosity too.

Life on this planet is remarkable.

Please join me as I embark (with a large learning curve) to launch Posh Tide.


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