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How To Keep Your Spark Beyond the Start of the New Year

What is your dream? What makes you happy? What gives you purpose? If we can identify these things in ourselves, then we can find our spark!

For example: Are you passionate about helping people in need or making the world a better place? Do you want a family? Or maybe all these things combined would make your ideal life come true. Either way, identifying what makes us happy is an important step towards finding our "spark”.

Make a list of goals.
The first step to finding your spark is to make a list of goals you have achieved or want to achieve. It's important that your goals are specific, as this can help you realize what you're passionate about when it comes down to the nitty-gritty details. For example, if your goal is "I want to be in better shape," what does that mean? Do you want to lose 20 pounds? Do you want to eat a well-rounded, nutritious diet and heal your relationship to food? Do you just want to run faster than someone else at the gym? Or do you want to feel stronger and healthier as you get older? Getting more specific can help you find your motivation.

The previous 365 days have brought a ton of experiences; some good, some bad, and everything in between. Make a list of what went well in 2022, as well as what didn’t go so well. Think about what you want to change moving forward and select a couple of goals that will help you achieve that change. In the simplest of terms, if you want 2023 to be more successful than 2023, then you’ll have to make a change and do something different this year! 

If possible, try writing down ten things that excite or interest you—and don't worry about how they connect right now! This is just an exercise in brainstorming ideas so that later, when we figure out how these things fit into our lives, there will be more options available for us.

The next step is taking this list and evaluating it as objectively as possible by asking questions like: What would have happened if I didn't do [insert challenge], even though I was afraid? Or What did I learn from [insert challenge] even though it didn't turn out exactly as planned (or maybe even went really badly)? These reflections can really set you up for an insightful new year.

Start journaling and write it all down!
All these reflections and goals can be kept in a journal! Journaling is a great way to reflect on the past year and plan for the future. It can also help you find your spark if you’ve been feeling a little lost lately. Journals help us discover new things about ourselves, develop new hobbies, reach our goals, and achieve success in life. Try following the above prompts by writing about them in a journal. You may be surprised where your thoughts will lead you!

Try something new with your friends.
A great way to renew your spark as a person is to get out of your comfort zone completely. This doesn’t have to mean moving to a new country or quitting your job. Trying new things increases confidence, helps us to believe in ourselves, and can even reignite our spark. 

Do you have a friend who’s always up for trying new things? If so, ask them if they’d be willing to go on an adventure with you. You can try a new hobby together (painting, music lessons), take a class at the gym, or sign up for a sport that neither of you has ever done before (kickboxing, rock climbing). Remember that this is about doing something different—no matter how big or small! 

Spend time alone and outside in nature.
Being in nature is a great way to reconnect with yourself. The hustle and bustle of life can get overwhelming. It is easy for your mind to wander back toward work stuff or other responsibilities that need attention when you are trying to take a break.

Spending time away from these distractions can help clear your mind and bring the focus back on what truly matters—you! You'll be able to find clarity about what really makes you happy or sad, whether it's pursuing a new career path or getting rid of clutter in your apartment.

Believe in yourself and the possibilities of the New Year!
If you’re feeling lost and unsure of what your spark is in life, try not to worry! It can take some time to find it. Start by reflecting on the previous year and all your accomplishments. Then, list goals that will keep you motivated throughout 2023. Use the energy of this new year to fuel your passion and interests, as well as take some time alone to reflect on your past year. Spend time with friends and family, but also explore your passions by trying something new or spending more time doing things that bring joy into your life. We hope this helps you renew your spark! 

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