Photo by Laura Favorito. A moment from Halloween in NYC where Stacey, dressed as Queen Bubble, poses with ghosts.

Bringing Joy into Life (in Weird Ways)

Photo by Laura Favorito.

I have always loved Halloween. It is the time to be unabashedly, weird, scary, funny, or anything in between.

I decided that this year I would start my costume early and make something that would bring me joy and make me smile because my year started off badly and I needed to compensate. I tore out my knee, and after two surgeries and a lot of PT (Thank you, Carlito! Best PT on the planet!) I am finally not walking like a zombie.

I started off with the headpiece and kept it by the side of my bed like a lamp. Queen bubbles was being born!

A dear friend and I went to the Halloween parade in New York City, and one of my favorite moments was when a little kid thought I was an actual fairy princess! I guess I became my own fairy princess bubble of joy, and I was happy that people could share that moment.

"How does this relate to Posh Tide?" You might ask. Well, when I look at nature, I see so many creatures that look as if they emerged from a joyous, creative force. And I like to focus on that part of the miracle of existence as often as I can.

Wishing you all peace and joy.

Stacey of Posh Tide dressed as Queen Bubble

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