Collection: Ocean Hero Dr. Sylvia Earle

Dr. Sylvia Earle is a hero.

Take a look at her movie Mission Blue. You will get a glimpse of her unrelenting quest to preserve what is being lost. There are too many examples to cite... She worked with a team of women and lived underwater in Tektite II for two weeks in the 1970’s when women were seen as “incapable” as scientists. She built companies which developed submarines and technologies to dive deep without having to decompress for days. She resigned from the position of Chief Scientist at NOAA because they wouldn’t allow her to speak up when bluefin tuna was being fished to 10% of its original numbers (They called her Sturgeon General). She partnered with Google Earth to map the oceans (They did a double-take when she said it should be called “Google Dirt” hahahahahah). She collected 20,000 specimens of marine algae which she now sees as hard evidence of changing ecosystems. She has been working with countries to develop “Hope Spots”. She has done Ted Talks. She called out the World Bank with a photo of planet earth and said “This is the World Bank”. She is fearless and observant and brilliant. Posh Tide honors her with a collection.

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